Big shoutout to grandpa
because he can't
hear me otherwise.


Hi, my name is Jesse, and I am so grateful that you're
interested in learning about me.



I live in San Francisco most of the time,
professionally writing, telling, and drawing jokes. It's what I've been doing for a decade, and I love it. I even wrote my master's thesis on the linguistic mechanisms that elicit laughter.



I love my friends and family.
I try to learn everything (Photoshop, social media algorithms, team management, Google Analytics, acting, directing, UX/UI design, illustration, animation, HTML, and Adobe Premiere to name a few), and I try teach everyone what I know.



I've had the pleasure to write for ABC, MSN, Starbucks, Frito-Lay, Hitachi, TED Talks, be a staff writer at eBaum's World for about 4 years and head writer there for 3 years, give a talk at the International Society for Humor Studies, become a two-time finalist (one-time champion) in the National College Comedy Competition, and perform in 8 consecutive SF Sketchfests.



I love evoking a sense of wonder in what is and what might be. I can juggle while running.
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