Jesse dances around social norms in an unpredictable gait, delivering punchlines that sweep you off your feet when you least expect it and kiss you passionately on the lips. His jokes are light but have a tinge of gravity, like tendrils of steam rising from a sexy Russian sauna patron.


Why Does Gary Busey Want to Beat Me Up?
These are the events that led to an epic feud between a guy who Gary Busey hadn't heard of and Gary Busey, who probably won't remember any events from that day at all.
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Zipcar: "The First Timer"
I was unsure, so I got a little encouragement from the Zipcar wizard.
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Magic Mushrooms: An Extremely Short Review
I didn't think it was working...
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Michael Winslow "Craigs Calls" People
I produced this film wherein Michael Winslow (from Police Academy) and a bunch of his personalities call some unsuspecting Craigslisters.
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