I love to collaborate. There are some solo sketches in here, but bouncing ideas off of teammates is satisfying to me like a long volley in tennis: The more the players return the ball, the more we're showing what we can really do. Here are a few sketch comedy works of mine for which I wrote or co-wrote, directed, and/or performed.


Magic Mushrooms: An Extremely Short Review
I didn't think it was working...


Live at SF Sketchfest (Complete Performance)
The entire performance of my much-praised sketch group, Everything Jamboree. Written and performed by Jesse Fernandez, Jesse Elias, and Miles K.


Attempt at a Beautiful Poem
Well, it was gonna be beautiful anyway.


Attempt at a Beautiful Poem #2
Almost nailed it that time.


Time Quest with James Adomian
A speculative fiction and award winner at the San Francisco International Film Festival.