Unusual Performance

Not everything funny fits neatly into categorization--in fact, I like it better that way. When things get weird, I get comfortable in knowing that what is happening is a special, singular experience. Here are some things that are that kind of weird.

Miscellaneous Comedy


Booker Kicks Jesse Off a Comedy Show And Regrets It
Jesse's friends thought it was weird that Jesse got booted from the stand-up show so they decided to get to the bottom of it.


Jesse Heckles Doug
Jesse doesn't wait for Doug to finish. On the main mic is the hilarious Doug Freedman.


Jesse Astonishingly Executes a Wedding Speech
One of the best best man speeches I've ever given.


Jesse Tours Somebody Else's School
I hope you like this film, UC Berkeley. I made it for you.

Game Shows


Tough Question Scrabble with Myq Kaplan and Zach Sherwin
Myq Kaplan (Comedy Central) and Zach Sherwin (Epic Rap Battles of History) play a version of Scrabble wherein turns that earn less than 15 points, earn instead an awkward question they have to answer. Directed and produced by me. Questions written by Jesse Fernandez and Brendan Lynch.


Sniff Out The Celebrity, with Brent Weinbach and Beth Stelling
Brent Weinbach (Conan, Lopez Tonight) and Beth Stelling (Conan, Just For Laughs) go head-to-head in the only internet show that features PG holes.

Pranks And Social Experiments


Michael Winslow "Craigs Calls" People
I produced this film wherein Michael Winslow (from Police Academy) and a bunch of his personalities call some unsuspecting Craigslisters.


Passing off the Boogie
I wanted to see, if I passed off the boogie, who would be willing to take it?


Guy Has to Pick up Women With Final Fantasy
Bryan Yang and Jesse Fernandez have some fun trying to get girls.


eBaum's Office Pig Head Prank
Like war-hardened soldiers, people who work at eBaum's World have already seen it all.